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Online coaching

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Online coaching - £30.00 pcm

Includes - 

1.    Unlimited email correspondence question & answer.

2.    Access to a private facebook group containing motivation, tips, tricks, examples and recipes, along        with likeminded people training in the same way.

3.    Controlled eating advice plan tailored for you as an individual.

4.    Bespoke exercise routine based on your current capabilities.

5.    A free copy of online e-book, The Beginners Guide to High Intensity Training, provided by HIT              Uni.

6.    10% off any HITuni course including the DIY for Health course (highly recommended).

7.    Regular opportunity to check in your progress and have your programme altered to suit the                  individual needs of changing successes.

8.    Option of additional Skype contact calls (charged at £10 per 30 minute call).

Please email to sign up!

Do It Yourself - Training course

For those of you who excel at self motivation and self management, who want to learn themselves and manage training alone, we have the solution. 

Course content includes - 

1. An introduction to High Intensity Training

2. The benefits of exercise

3. An introduction to the science of HIT

4. Exercise demonstrations

5. Lifetime access to course platform

Please click the DIY or click below to purchase or find out more.


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