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Please find below reviews, feedback and results from past & present clients. 


I've started a weekly session with Sophie Sherwin. The results are quick if that is what you want and I feel like I work hard in each weekly session. I am not a gym person at all, I'll never attend a gym and what I know now with attending Sophie's weekly session is all I need to do. I noticed a change in my body by week 3 especially to my muscle tone, I feel stronger and leaner. Sophie is very knowledgeable, motivational and very inspiring. I'm shocked to be honest how much I like it (probably because I'm lazy and want something that works quick) and it's Something I want to keep doing. Deffo a thumbs up from me. Thanks for motivating me to realise exercise doesn't have to take over your life. - C Buxton


Absolutely loving my weekly PT sessions with Sophie. I wish I had started this years ago. I’ve been training with Sophie 4/5 weeks now and starting to see my body change now and loving it .I love the set up at Sophie’s house which I must add her house it beautiful. I don’t feel uncomfortable at all like I would in a gym. Sophie really pushes me every week as I know she wants me to get the best results I can, I’m not going to lie though it is hard work but is making me feel 100 times better still a way to go though. Your doing a great job Sophie!!looking forward to my session this week. - A Turvey


Absolutely brilliant. Completed my goals of losing 2st and bringing down my BMI. Feeling fantastic and keeping off the weight .... Not saying it was easy.... Because it wasn't... but Sophie kept me going. Well worth it, never felt better and wish I'd done it years ago. - S Bagnall


In just 7 sessions of half an hour a week I've already lost 1 stone in weight , gained in strength, and feel a lot better about myself. Onwards and upwards can't wait for the next session. - A Akiens


Having never been to a gym before, I was a little apprehensive, but no need. I was warmly welcomed, my personal aims were discussed and an assessment of my capability was carried out. A strength training routine was professionally arranged. With Sophie's expertise and encouragement I am sure I will improve my fitness and get stronger with each week. After an illness at the beginning of the year, I am already starting to feel the benefits following only a few weeks of training. P - Crick

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