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What is HIT & Who is it for?

HIT is the term given to the training of musculature by continuous and controlled lifting of weights until momentary muscular failure or fatigue is reached. 

The main emphasis in training is Control. Followed closely by Intensity. And this is performed Continuously until fatigue is reached. 

The intensity of training is the main ingredient for growth and stimulation. But this must be done in a safe way to ensure it remains effective and available to everyone (Exercise with injury is not exercise. Proper exercise should always be of benefit, not burden.)

By continuously loading the target area we can maximise efficiency. Train, go home and enjoy the benefits in your everyday life. 

It is worth pointing out that contrary to belief, there is a difference between Exercise and Sport.

Exercise is a basic need for the body. Without strong muscles, the body over time, will deteriorate. Senior citizens in particular have the most to gain from this training. You cannot stop the aging process, but you can slow it down. 

Sport is a psychological need to satisfy something that we would like to do. 

So if you don't like running, or you cant spend an hour jumping round a hall, does that mean you cant be fit? Of course not! 

Look after your body with strength training and THEN use it to enjoy your hobbies, whether that's cycling, dancing or anything else.


And if you do, use our HIT inspired method of training to build a stong base in which to build and perfect your hobbies from. 

(Fat loss results are achieved using a combination of calorie deficit & HIT training)

“Exercise is a logical strategy designed around the body’s muscular function. No attempt should be made to simulate in exercise what takes place in sport.” “Recreation is instinctive. It represents an activity that we would prefer to do.”- The Nautilus Book - Ellington Darden, Ph.D. 

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